YSAD #1 Water Fountain

I was thirsty the other day, when I came across this little guy. At first glance everything seemed fine. I wanted water, it dispenses water, alright let’s do this.Water Fountain 1

When I went to take a drink, I was surprised to find that I could barely reach it. Apparently my head is so large that I can not use publicly available water fountains.Water Fountain 3

This design baffles me. I can understand why they thought it was a good idea, no bulk underneath the fountain leaves it open for wheelchairs, but why would you leave so little space for people to drink? This is like making a straw too short to use in a cup, or making the keys on a keyboard so small that you can’t differentiate between them. It is the one function that this device is supposed to accomplish and it fails at it.

What to learn from this:

  • Make sure you know your customer and their requirements
  • Design to those requirements
  • Making a design for a select group of people is fine… as long as that group is the main user.

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