Tulsa Scotfest 2014

A few pictures from our day at the Tulsa Scotfest.

Bagpipes in front of downtown
Clogs on wood, possibly Irish, still fun.
Clan Bruce! Apparently there is a large organization of people running around in Bruce Plaid.


Sheaf toss. Created by drunk farmers. A staple of any highland games.
Scotfest Sheaf Toss
One of these gentlemen is the world champion tosser of sheaves.

More tossing, different object. Cabers are basically trees torn out of the ground by large men who then throw them about some more to show the trees who is boss.
Scotfest Caber Toss III
Take that, tree!

Scotfest Caber Toss II

Scotfest Caber Toss

Scotfest Bagpipes
You can’t quite see them, but there is a Scottish rock band on stage that is about to be shown what real Scottish music sounds like.

Scotfest Music

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